Masonic Heritage

A little Masonic background on Jim McBeth and McBeth Knives

Jim is a Master Mason and is Past Master of Plano Lodge #768 in Plano Texas. He became a Mason in 1992 and was elected Master of his Lodge in 1997. While working at Texas Instruments in Dallas Texas, Jim was having coffee one day with his very good friend Cliff Martin when Jim noticed Cliff’s ring and remarked it was very unusual. (Cliff had his Scottish Rite ring on that day.) When Cliff explained his ring, Jim made a comment that his Grandfather had been a Mason and that he had always been somewhat interested in what Masons did, but since Jim’s father had not followed in his father’s footsteps, he never pursued it. So, in January 1992, over coffee, Jim commented that he was probably too old to look into what Masonry had to offer when Cliff asked Jim how old he was. Being 49 at the time, Cliff next asked when was his birthday. When he told him in June, Cliff told Jim that if he was still interested in Masonry, that he could be a Master Mason before his 50th birthday!

That was the beginning and sure enough, Jim became a Master Mason before he turned 50. And his friend Cliff became his Masonic mentor and remains so to this day. A year or so later, Jim was asked if he would like to serve the Lodge as Junior Deacon. And as the saying goes… “and that was that”. Jim was on his journey through the Chairs. Jim decided that since he was getting sort of a “late” start in Masonry, he wanted to learn as much as he could as quick as he could. And he thought the best way to do that was to get his ‘A’ Certificate which he did. Plano Lodge back in the early to mid-90’s was pretty busy, but in the latter part of the decade, the Lodge was VERY busy. And when Jim was elected to the East, his year was filled with making a lot of men Masons and helping the Lodge become more visible in the community.

Moving to the Hill Country in 2008 to Boerne (pronounced “Bernie”), a little north and west of San Antonio Texas, and retiring from Real Estate in 2012 left Jim with some time on his hands. Developing computer software for Realtors, substitute teaching in the local schools, teaching real estate at the local Board of Realtors wasn’t enough, so now he’s into making custom knives (more on this under the ABOUT tab). While Jim has fared well from the sale of his knives on eBay, his inventory was completely sold out late last year in a matter of days after he had embedded the Masonic Square & Compasses emblem to the handles of several of his knives.

Jim has received several nudges from his Masonic Brothers to keep making them with the S&C emblem. And most of them will have the S&C emblem. For those that don’t, it can always be added before delivery. A “Past Master’s” emblem is now available as well.

And remember, each knife will be custom made one-of-a-kind and no two will ever be the same, thereby ensuring uniqueness. And if you’re looking for something special, contact Jim with your email or phone number and he’ll get back with you.