Kodiak MK-M702

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The Kodiak! A unique blade with just the right firmness and flexibility for filleting.  Click on the small 'magnifying glass' to enlarge the pictures!

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The Kodiak! LAST ONE! ON SALE!

· Knife Model: Kodiak
· Sku: MK-M702
· Knife Material: 7cr17MoV Stainless Steel
· Overall Length: 10-3/4″
· Cutting Edge:  5-3/4”
· Finish: Satin Polished & Sharp; Hardened to RC59-60
· Add’l Info: Thin, flexible blade, practical and extremely efficient filleting tool
· Handle: From the Exotic wood “Redhear”; Sothern Mexico to South America; Color from bright watermelon red to brownish red; (3) 5/32” Mosaic Brass Knife Pins
· Regular Masonic Square & Compasses Emblem embedded in Handle
· Sheath: Hand-crafted smooth hand-tooled by professional leather workers here in the U.S. w/Belt Loop.

· Delivery: 2-3 Days as shown

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